Christian Volunteer programs in Nepal

Christian Ministries in Nepal.

Christian Ministries in Nepal

Himalayan Foundation Nepal organizes Christian ministry in Nepal, Nepal's major religion is Hinduism and therefore the Christian community is in the beginning of its development: Now running the second generation of Christians in Nepal. This gives an exciting, challenging, and unique possibility to improve the knowledge of Christianity in Nepal. In the last few years freedom to practice religion, especially Christianity has grown massively. People are less segregated and more integrated with each other and respect one anothers religion. The people of Nepal despite you or their faith treat each other with love and kindness, but can some time experience some discrimination from other religious groups. Many Christians in Nepal have embarked on Christian development as it is taught in the Bible to teach others the right way to life. This said, as mentioned there is no enforcement of religion but many people feel strongly of their faith and are so passionate to share this with others. Many Christians in Nepal and around the world consider themselves as Gods servant to do his will on earth as it says in Matthew chapter 10, verse 24 the servant is not above his lord. Christians love everybody and want everybody to be saved on judgment day. This is the means for why they take part in their ministries, out of love.
This program works together with churches in Kathmandu, Pokhara, Chitwan, Hadtuwda and Sidhupachuwk, etc. These churches offer helping with the development of themselves through teaching children at Sunday School, woman fellowship teaching, and practical chores to uphold the churches. Helping the early development of the Christian community with creative ideas for, among other things, fundraising, and helping maintain/improve the church through everyday chores is always more than welcome no matter which program you choose.

As a Christion Ministries volunteer Program you can choose between:

01 Church Mission Program
02 Vocational Bible School Ministry
03 Children and Youth Ministry
04 Evangelism Program
05 Volunteer in orphanage Program
06 Teaching English Program
07 Street Children Program
08 Office Administraion Program
09 Women Empowerment Program
10 Community Health Program
11 Environment Protection Program
12 Volunteer in Orphanage
13 Organic Farm Program
14 Summer Volunteer Program
15 Volunteering Program Fees
16 Hiv/ Aids Awareness Program
17 Cultural Exchange Volunteer Program
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