Become the spiritual owner of 2ft x 2ft of our new orphanage. We have 200 plots, each plot costs $250.
THIS IS A GIFT THAT KEEPS GIVING. Buy it for your self, Co-buy it with a friend, have your family become spiritual and foundation members of this orphanage Convince a friend that this is the most valuable purchase he could ever make.
We have been renting buildings for the past 16 years. Help us give our children a permanant home and fulfill our dream. You will be listed on our website with your plot number, you will receive a certificate saying you are the spiritual owner and foundation member of Himalayan Foundation Orphanage.

Volunteer in Orphanage Home This is the best Christmas gift you could give to anyone.

The sale of 16 more plot should see completion of ground works, concrete slab , underground plumbing and electricity,and the beginning of the construction. We will call stage 1 purchase of land Stage 2 completion of permits , planning, concrete slab and underground plumbing and electricity. Stage 3 Construction.

Himalayan Foundation Nepal
P.O. Box: 8975 EPC 4030,
Dhapasi, Kathmandu, Nepal
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You will be listed here with your plot number and names.

Plot Number Names
1 Nandhalal and Family (Nepal)
2 Jim and Pia Family (Australia)
3 Gilly Stewart Family (Australia)
4 Steve Kew family (Australia)
5 Kenny Porter family (Australia)
6 Steve Bastoni family (Australia)
7 Nat Natt Oppy (Australia)
8 O'Connor/Toohey family (Aust)
9 Karen Baker & Scooby (Aust)
10 George Darby Family (Aust )
11 Phil Overton Family (Aust )
12 Just Magic(Aust )
13 Billy Buckley family (Aust )
14 David Prasain family (Nepal)
15 Jeff, Taysha and Just Magic.(Aust )
16 Mcghee family (Aust )
17 Roger Cottrell & family (Aust)
18 Hayan Family ( Aust)
19 Marianne Bech (DK) / Anthony (Aust)
20 Chan Wing Yan (Hong Kong)
21 Amanda family (Aust)
22 Greg McCnee Family ( Aust )
23 Robert G Cartledge (Aust)
24 Mathias Maak (DK)
25 Phil from Zab (Aust )
26 Thomas Esposito & Family (Germany)
27 Sandro Trovato (Switzerland)
28 Volker Haag (USA/ Germany)
29 Helga Schamaun (Switzerland)
30 Helga Schamaun (Switzerland)
31 Martin Schamaun (Switzerland)
32 Martin Schamaun(Switzerland)
33 Chris Meierhans (Switzerland)
34 Baki Akarsu(Switzerland)
35 Annerösli Egli(Switzerland)
36 Regina Münst(Switzerland)
37 Martin Jr. Schamaun (Switzerland)
38 Julie Morssinkhof (Aust)
39 Markus Aschwanden(Switzerland)
40 Jackson McDonald(Aust )
41 Georgina McDonald(Aust )
42 James Vallotton James Vallotton(Dubai)
43 Bülent Uzun (Switzerland)
44 Jan Atkinson family (Aust )
45 Karo Nuri (Switzerland)
46 Harry King (Aust )
47 Vincenzo Giugliano (Switzerland)
48 Susan Prior (Aust)
49 Anton Allemann (Switzerland)
50 Anton Allemann (Switzerland)

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