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Community Children's Profile Name : Sita Mijaar
Date Of Birth : 01 February 1997
Sex : Female
Class : four (4)
Fathers' Name : Dhan Mijaar
Health Condition: Normal

General Information support a child:

Sita mijaar is studying class 6,and is 19 years old. She loves to read and sing songs. Her dream is to become a teacher, and needs your support. Your contribution as Sita's sponsor will provide her with education and shelter that will not only change her life but the lives of everyone around her.

Community Children's Profile Name : Ashmita Thing
Date Of Birth : 15 November 2000
Sex : Female
Class : five (5)
Fathers Name : Dhan Bahadur Thing
Health Condition: Normal

General Information support a child:

Ashmita Thing is studying calss-6, and 16 years old, she loves to study and play. When she's finished school she wants to be a police woman. She needs your help and support through sponsorship to provide for her education and give her a safe home.


Community Children's Profile Name : Manika Karki
Date Of Birth : 22 March 1998
Sex : Female
Class : Three (3)
School: Shree Tribhuwan Higher Secondary School
Fathers' Name : Laxman Karki
Health Condition: Normal

General Information support a child:

Manikar Karki is studying class-6, and 18 years old. She has 3 brothers who she loves to play with. She wants to be a social worker, and needs your support, contribution and help through sponsorship to provide for her education, and shelter.

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