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sponsorship program Name : Kul Prasad Bhandari
Date Of Birth : 2nd Janurary 2002
Sex : Boy
Class : Three (3)
School: Shree Tiling Tar Higher Secondary School
Fathers Name : Dhaka Nanda Bhandari
Health Condition: kidney damage, breathing difficulties, very poor health.

General Information support a child:

Kul Prasad Bhandari is 11 years old. Due to pitiful living conditions at an early age Kul developed breathing difficulties and kidney damage. The family is very poor and could not take him to see a doctor, as a result his condition has worsened and now needs a kidney operation. The procedure will cost 500,000 rupees or a little over $6000 US. His affliction causes him and his family great pain. Without the operation he will not live longer than 12 years!

Dear Respected Lawrence Thank you very much for your love and Donation Kul Surgery.

sponsorship program Name : Khati Bhandari
Date Of Birth : 15 May 2004
Sex : Girl
Class : Five (5)
School: Shree Tiling Tar Higher Secondary School
Mothers Name : Hira Bhandari
Health Condition: Normal

General Information support a child:

Khati Bhandari is 10 years old and is the sister of Kul. She loves to work in the kitchen at home and help her mother. Khati also helps look after her older brother who is very sick. When she grown up she wants to be a social worker but her parents are very poor and cannot afford to send her to school, that she is waiting your support or Donation, contribution help and Sponsor for her education and shelter!

sponsorship program Name : Rita B.K
Date Of Birth : Oct 11th, 1997
Sex : Girl
Class : Svene(7)
School: Shree Rastea Primary School
Fathers' Name : Min Bahadur B.K
Health Condition: Normal

General Information support a child:

Rita comes from a poor family, and is of a low caste. Her father left the country to try to find a better job, and has not been seen for five years. Rita’s mother works as a day laborer but does not earn enough to afford her education. Please Donation, sponsor or contribution help her continue to go to school!

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