Orphanage Children's Profile

Sponsor orphan Name : Mandira
Date Of Birth : 19th Feb,2001
Sex : Female
Class : Seven (7)
What is your future aim? : Teacher
Health Condition: Normal

Child's General Information:

Mundira is from a far village. Her father died, and her mother disappeared and has not been found. She was living with a very poor family who cannot support or sponsor her. She is of a very low class and suffers from the discrimination. She loves to study, especially history. She is a hard worker, and gets along with all the children. mandira now lives in the orphanage home Please help her, sponsor, and support her education.

Sponsor orphan Name : Rohit
Date Of Birth : 11th Jan, 2003
Sex : Mal
Class : Six (6)
What is your future aim? : Teacher
Health Condition: Normal

Child's General Information:

Rohit is a shy but happy young boy with a brilliant smile, he has a very kind nature and is very helpful and polite, he is hard working and loves playing with the other children. Rhoit is from far western Nepal and is from a low class his parents were uneducated and they lived in extreme poverty, Rhoit has recently tragically lost both parents in separate incidents. His mother died as a result of the poverty in which they lived, his father unable to deal with the scarcity of food and money committed suicide abandoning his children. The youngest of his siblings he lived with relatives who were also too poor to provide for him. So that his became homeless and his stat to survive in street, with other street children’s. He now lives here at the orphanage where he is happy but still needs your support and sponsor to buy essential school books and clothes.

Sponsor orphan Name : ---
Date Of Birth : ----
Sex : ----
Class : ---
What is your future aim?: -----
Health Condition: ----

Child's General Information:


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