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Volunteering with Street Children : (1 Week-5 Months)

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Street Children in Nepal

The number of street children is increasing in urban areas around Nepal, especially in Kathmandu. Here we currently have more than 1,000 street children who do not have a fixed location due to lack of housing. Outside the city of Kathmandu there are over 3,000 homeless children living in other Nepal cities including (but not limited to) Pokhara, Biratnagar, Dharan, Nepalgunj, and Bhairawa. The children living on the streets are 90% male and 10% female. The reason for the increase of street children is due to more urbanization, migration, lack of family support, poverty, increases in unemployment rates, and abandonment. There is no organization that exists to provide shelter or emergency support for children in these circumstances. As a result, they spend their days walking the streets, and nights sleeping on the streets, which is dangerous and unsafe.
At this time no government program or policy has been drafted or implemented to place these children in homes or shelters, in order to keep them safe and healthy. Due to this it is extremely important to support the deprived street children who are shunned by their family, parents, and society. It is also likely that these children get involved in prostitution for survival just so they can provide enough food for themselves. Due to the tough and unjust street life, these children get involved with tobacco, smoking cigarettes, alcohol, smelling dendrites, and in some cases, injecting drugs with needles. Some children are even found to be affected by HIV due to their lack of education and sanitation within their lifestyle.

The street children rely upon tourists as a way to survive. Once tourist season comes to an end, they are left digging through the dirt and collecting plastic to sell as a way of survival. Due to lack of food, housing and cleaning, these children's bodies are often covered with bed bugs and lice. They sleep in the streets with dogs and their pups which suffer from various diseases, despite the risk these dogs provide the only warmth in these children's lives. It is necessary to help rescue thees street children by volunteering and helping in the fight for the preservation of children's rights. We hope to help rescue these children from further abandonment by providing a stable and safe environment where they can flourish and grow through our orphanage and child sponsorship program.

Program Requirements

Volunteers must be:

  • Willing to work with children.
  • Be at least 18 years or older at the start of the program.
  • Have an open mind and flexible attitude towards working in new and different environments.
  • Be Prepared to do some manual work in their placement.

What do we provide?

Airport Pickup/ Transportation:

  • Volunteers are picked up from the Nepal International Airport in Kathmandu by an appropriate representative.
  • Volunteers who will already be in Kathmandu will be met by a staff member at a pre-arranged location.

Orientation Week in Kathmandu and Language:

All volunteers are provided with an orientation covering topics such as safety and security, transportation, Nepali language, Nepali local culture, as well as a 2 day guided city tour around Kathmandu Valley.


Accommodation will be provided while undertaking the program. Accommodation options include staying in our own orphanage home, with a host family, in a project hostel or a home base, which offers an authentic Nepali family environment. Volunteers are provided with their own room and bathroom which is usually shared with other volunteers, however a private room can be provided by prior arrangement. Staying with a host family will provide you with a wonderful opportunity to experience the Nepali lifestyle and live with a warm and welcoming family. You will also get the chance to learn how to cook traditional Nepali-style food! While volunteering, our staff will visit you every two weeks, during this visit we will check on your progress and make sure you're satisfied and happy.


Volunteers are typically provided with two meals a day and a mid-day snack sourced from local ingredients. Meals served include rice, curry and vegetables (a traditional Nepali dish known as (Dahl-Bhat, Tarkali and Achar).

Project Location:

The project placements are located across Nepal, and you will be placed according to your interests and chosen program. Most of the volunteer placements are located within 2-4 km from their accommodation and volunteers use local transportation such as a mini bus or taxi for their commuting. PLEASE NOTE: local transportation costs from your accommodation to the school are not included in the program fees. It will always be within walking distance, but if you prefer to catch a taxi or mini bus, cost is around 20 rupees by bus (approx. US .30c) or 300 rupees (approx. US $3.20) by taxi.


It is essential that volunteers are able to speak fluent English.

In-country support:

24 hour support is provided by our staff members. Once you arrive in the country you will be provided with the contact details of our local coordinator who you will be able to contact at anytime during your stay.

Pre-departure information:

After we receive a deposit, all participants are provided with a pre-departure information booklet by e-mail this contains all the vital information about your program such as: details of the country, project location, Visa requirements, Immunization requirements, details of accommodation, contact information and suggested packing list.

Program Fees and Expenses:

HFN strives to keep costs low while providing you with a professional service to fully prepare you for volunteering in Nepal . Look around and you will find we offer value for money, and strive to meet every need of our Volunteers .

Please be awere of our program application and booking charge: US$30 - this is a non-refundable fee which covers processing your application and pre-departure support and is not deductible from program fees* starting from.

One week US$ 200
Two weeks US$ 300
Three weeks US$ 380
Four weeks (a month) US$ 460
For each additional month US$ 425

*All fees are US dollars or foreign currency equivalent.

What you are paying for?

The program fee is used to provide both a professional and welcoming volunteer service program, as well as providing some finaceal support for Living Orphanage and the HFN sponsor program for underprivileged children in the community.

What you are paying for?

The program fee is used to provide a professional and welcoming volunteer program as well as providing some financial support for the orphanage and the HFN sponsorship program for underprivileged children in the community.

The following are included in the cost:

  • Pickup from the airport and transport to your placement.
  • Accommodation.
  • Food during placement with a host family / hostel - Nepali standard 2 to 3 meals a day.
  • Orientation.
  • Provisions for the children at our orphanage.
  • Sightseeing in Kathmandu valley.
  • Comprehensive Pre- Departure Information.
  • 24 hrs Assistance and support from HFN Staff.
  • NGO government tax.
  • Free wireless internet at our office and Orphanage Home in Kathmandu

What is not included?

The following costs are NOT included in the above fee and will need to be covered by the volunteer:
  • Airfare / travel to Nepal.
  • Visa and Visa extension fees. Tourist visa fees: US$25 for 15 days, US$40 for 30 days US$100 for 90 days. Additional time- US $2 fee per extra day, maximum 150 stay days per year).
  • Airport taxes (arrival and departure tax- this usually costs around US $26).
  • Local transportation.
  • Any personal expenses.
  • Any other donations.

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Volunteer in Street Children

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