Volunteer's Testimonial

Volunteer's Testimonial

I volunteered for one week in November, 2019. I arrived in Kathmandu, not knowing what to expect, it was my first time to volunteer and I was very curious how it will be. Once I reached the house I realized that I have nothing to worry about. Everyone was very welcoming, friendly, with a big smile on their faces. I never felt like I am living with some strangers, they made me feel like home.

During my stay in Kathmandu we did different activities together: going to school in the morning, homeworks in the afternoon, playing, cooking, praying every night. Theres also enough time to visit or go shopping in Kathmandu.

I am really grateful for choosing to spend one week in Kathmandu with David, his wife, Maria and the kids, and I look forward to going back one day.

-Crina Stan, Romania

Volunteer's Testimonial

Volunteer's Testimonial in nepal

Myself and 4 friends decided to give a week of our lives helping children in Orphanages in Kathmandu, Nepal . We joined the charity organisation, IVHQ, and took the 10 hour flight to Nepal. I was at the orphanage children Home in Dhapasi.
The Himalayan Foundation orphanage children home I lived for 5 days and worked with 13 children, Volunteering helped with homework, enjoyed playtime and took orphanage children's to school. They were aged between 4 - 14 years old.

We took gifts, clothes donated by friends, toys, colouring books, crayons, pavement chalks, stickers, modelling balloons, various learning books, pencils, rubbers, sharpeners. We made up games, handed out prized stickers if they did their homework. orphanage children are very intelligent orphanage children that deserve a helping hand in life.
orphanage children all fight for your attention, but this orphanage children just need love and cuddles, some attention and help with study. You simply cant focus on one child, but when you watch, you realise, given a little help, some stand just a little more chance in setting and achieving a goal in life.

The Orphanage is clean, the water is hot and the children are happy, all you can ask for is a smile
If you would like to live with a very hospitable host family, they love children very much, they doing by heard this child to build best future, and want to help children that are from poor backgrounds , this is the perfect place volunteering work to give you a challenge whilst giving you an amazing insight into Nepal.
I will cherish this experience and come back to visit in the coming years with volunteering and different help there need.
Thank you and Kindest regards

-Helen Charnock, UK

Volunteer's Testimonial Nepal

My name is Celia van der Merwe, I am 29 years old and from Cape Town, South Africa. I lived and volunteered with David and the family for two weeks in February 2012. I came across Himalayan Foundation Nepal (HFN) on a Christian website and am so glad I did!

What a wonderful experience it has been! I was greeted at the airport with a big smile and was offered a lovely home-made tea on arrival at the orphanage. I had my own room and primitive bathroom. Do not expect luxury but all the basics you need will be provided.
Staying with the family in the house, eating with them, praying with them, and singing with them really gives one a feel for local Nepali life.
Be assured that you will still have your privacy in the house when needed as the orphanage children are very well mannered. At Himalayan Foundation Nepal they are not prescriptive about your contribution and how you should manage your schedule. One soon senses that the adults and children are simply just grateful for you being there and spending time with you.
You can take free time as needed. Nothing is expected of you but every bit of help is greatly appreciated. However, take my advice and come geared with some ideas of games to play, songs to sing, activities to do and if you can manage to bring some old clothes or gifts for the children, you will be glad you did!

One often embarks on an outreach experience like this hoping to help and contribute where you can , but more often than not one leaves feeling that the biggest contribution was made in one’s own life. The eagerness of the children to love, help and share touched my heart very deeply.

Celia van der Merwe, Cape Town, South Africa.

Volunteer's Testimonial Nepal

Hi my name is Anshu and I'm from Wellington, New Zealand. I came to do a 2-month volunteer English teaching at The Himalayan Foundation Nepal (HFN) Start date 7th of October 2013. I found this website on the independent website. The day I packed my bags to go to Nepal I still wasn't sure of the unknown. I was nervous and worried but when I met David, Maria and there 15 children I was greeted with a warm welcome and lots of smiles, hugs and kisses. I felt I was home straight away and was at ease and assured that I'm in good hands.
At orphanage home with Davids guidance, the kids have allocated chores and tasks - they all know what they need to do and everything is well routined. With the well structured plan I can see the children are not just learning house skills but also excelling academically and they've a bright future ahead of them.
As a volunteer English teacher I use to teach them when they were free and also couple of time at there school which was rather nice getting to meet the teachers and others kids. As for me while living at the orphanage I never felt any pressure to teach or to do routinued practice- the host parents were very flexible they love very much this children as a themself , towards me and the children sometimes just love me being there without a bother. Apart from just learning English we also did lots of fun activities, played games and puzzles and also they were always keen to watch documentaries on New Zealand - they know now that NZ ha more sheep than humans :) We all bonded well and to be honest the experience, adventure and personal growth that I want with this wonderful family is just priceless. Words are not enough to describe ones experience one has to feel it for themselves.

The Himalayan Foundation Nepal (HFN) - I can proudly say, Is my family now and I want love to go back and do it again! Thank You! Anshu Das

New Zealand, Wellington.

Volunteer's Testimonial Nepal

My time FROM: 01-07-2013 UNTIL: 01-09-2013 at the Himalayan Foundation Nepal(HFN) was amazing. They seem to be quite organized; I was picked up from the airport and very warmly welcomed. I spent two months volunteering at Himalayan Foundation Nepal with orphanage home in Kathmandu. It was a pleasure staying with David, his family and all the orphanage children and every day was a new adventure. The children are wonderful and really smart and they made my stay be life-changing and an experience that I will never forget.
I learned so much from them and I will always be grateful for the great times we spent together. The atmosphere at the orphanage is filled with love and care for everybody. The children are very friendly and I could make a connection with them from the very beginning. One that I continued to develop and cherish up to this day. Writing homework with them was always fun and you could easily sense a great sense of community because everybody is helping everybody. That is one of the most beautiful things I have seen in my life. They are smart and patient and always eager to learn. There are many talented children among them, but they all have beautiful souls. Walking them to school was also an amazing experience and always interesting. They usually form a line and walk carefully while chatting and singing. Everyone is very nice and friendly and the food was always amazing! I would come back here anytime!
Overall I am very satisfied with the whole program and David and the team seemed positively opened to ideas and improvement and would give Himalayan Foundation Nepal (HFN) my highest recommendation.

Marija Grujovska, Macedonia, living now Albertgasse Austria

Volunteer's Testimonial At the end of myworld trip I decided to do some volunteer work.I could stay in the orphanage during my volunteer work with street children . I was very glad that I could experience 'not feeling like a tourist' for the first time during my world trip.
I felt like part of the family and I had even the chance to join the wedding of Davids sister. The children are used to volunteers so it didn't take a long time to become close with them. Also because they speak very good English. Mariya and Rama, two sisters, take care of all the children.

They do their very best and make you feel like home. The structure of the orphanage is based on Christianity and praying is a very important part of the live of the family. Besides praying, homework has also ahigh priority. The orphanage children and the family appreciate very much if you assist the orphanage children with that.
After making homework and in the weekends there is time to play. When you have the idea to change things, you will be disapointed.
When you can adapt yourself and put your own values and norms asight, you will have a great time. I want to thank the family for giving me this unforgettable experience and more then they giving the better future, caring orphanage as their won children and making happiness them it is not joke, they doing great work .

Femke Schoenmaekers, Netherland

Volunteer's Testimonial Hi! My name is Linda, I am 20 years old and I come from Switzerland. I decided to stay for two months at the Orphanage in Kathmandu. It was the best decision I have ever made. I had such a great time here with the Family. They were welcoming me so warmly and I felt home from the very beginning. I am still impressed about the great work they are doing here in this orphanage and I am happy that I could be a part of it.

The work in the orphanage is not really hard. You can decide by your own how much you want to do and they will not stop you from taking you some free time. You need to bring some own ideas, cause they will not really ask you to work a lot. But they are open for new ideas and very thankful for every small work you do.

The children are great and they speak very good English for their age, so communication shouldn't be a big problem. Also David and Maria, who run the orphanage, speak good English. At the beginning it took me some days till I could understand them good. The Nepali people have a funny accent, but with the time you will learn about this. In the orphanage all important things are provided. They cook very well. You will eat a lot of rice with different side dishes but you can also cook by your own. The room and the bathroom are clean. Sometimes they have some problems with the waterpower. But you can carry bucket up in your bathroom. That might seem to be a little complicated at the beginning, but you will get used to it. They have an office downstairs in which you can use the Wi-Fi and were they have all the time electricity.

They are very religious. So they all pray together in the morning and in the evening. They sing together and read the bible. It was great to see how they live the Christianity in such a different way. They will invite you to take part of this, but you don't have to if thats not yours. If you want to learn about the Nepali lifestyle and work with great children this is the right place for you. The experience here really opened my eyes and I could learn so much from them. To come to this project was the right decision. I do it anytime again.

Linda Meier, Switzerland

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