Janina Parry (UK)

Hello I’m a 19 year old artist from England and I have been volunteering at the orphanage in Kathmandu for 1 month now. It has been an extraordinary experience; everyone is so welcoming and it feels like a big family. I have been teaching English and maths to the children at home, as well as teaching conversational English at a local school. David helped me to buy art materials and we have been enjoying various creative activities such as making bracelets and painting. The children also love singing and dancing, and we spend many an evening doing Nepali dance. I have really enjoyed getting involved in home activities and have even made pasta and momo with the children. David and Mariya are so generous and open-hearted, and there are so many opportunities and projects to get involved with. The church community is small but friendly and I have been helping with youth and Sunday school. Teaching and playing with the children is so rewarding and each one has individual talents which I am looking forward to helping them pursue.

Photos with kids

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