Volunteering at the Volunteer orphanage  Nepal (HFN) has been a fantastic experience so far. I have really enjoyed helping the children with their studies although it has tested my knowledge at times! Also, I have loved joining them with worship and bible study every evening as well as playing piano for worship in the church on Saturdays! My faith has gone from strength to strength and it’s so inspiring meeting the church family; hearing extraordinary testimonies and being encouraged by brothers and sisters in Christ. I have learnt so many new songs and sharing music with each other is really special. Teaching some of the children piano and guitar has been so fun, we always have a good laugh and I’m sure I’m learning just as much as them! The programme really gives you flexibility to do your own projects with the children and at the same time, the programme coordinator is very supportive. Cooking meals together has been another highlight of my time in the home as well as playing numerous games of chess, Go Fish and Uno! I can’t stress enough how wonderful volunteering at volunteer in orphanage  Nepal is; from the very beginning I felt so welcomed and at home. There are so many exciting opportunities to explore and fantastic people that you meet!

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